Summer Cocktails

We are so excited to share these refreshing cocktails for the summer of 2021!


four roses bourbon slushie
four roses yellow label, pierre ferrand dry curacao, orange juice, lemonade, tea


fresh watermelon lemonade
watermelon vodka, simple, lemon juice, water


blackberry bliss
empress gin, blackberries, basil, honey, lemon juice, simple, splash of water, gin float

floral fizz
empress gin, st. elder liqueur, alexa prosecco, splash of chambord


frozen margarita
una vida resposado, pierre ferrand dry curacao, agave nectar, lime, sweet & sour 

frozen strawberry margarita
una vida blanco, pierre ferrand dry curacao, agave nectar, lime, sweet & sour, strawberry puree 

radler paloma
una vida blanco, st. elder, agave syrup, lime, grapefruit juice. topped w/ stiegl grapefruit radler

lone ranger
hiatus blanco, rotari brut rose, lime, simple, lime twist

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